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Board Match Service

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How It Works

Our board match service enhances our client’s existing search efforts. In our match process we:

  • Understand the client company, its board, and needs
  • Define the characteristics of an ideal candidate
  • Search our membership database to identify the best match
  • Communicate the opportunity to our members to determine their interest
  • Present a slate of the most qualified and interested candidates for clients to contact, interview, and reference check
  • Follow up to ensure the success of our matching service


How long does a board match take?
While timing varies depending on each client’s schedule, we can provide a slate of member candidates within one month after receiving approval of the board candidate specifications.

Do you interview the slate of SWB candidates?
We do not interview or reference-check the members we identify for board openings. We provide clients with a short list of candidates to evaluate through their own process.

Do you charge for your match service?
Our board match service is free. We ask that all clients report back on the progress and outcome of our member candidates.

Can you communicate a board opening to your members without a match service?
We can share a board search with our members and ask them to send applications directly to the client company.

Do you work with search firms?
Yes, we work search firms representing client companies and with companies that engage a search firm.