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Find your next great director

Stanford Women on Boards offers companies direct access to high-caliber talent to fill director openings.


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Discover board leaders

SWB members include over 1,000 board-experienced Stanford alumni, faculty, and staff. We are meeting the increased demand for diverse directors with support from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Rock Center for Corporate Governance.

We work with corporate and nonprofit clients to find the best SWB members for their board searches. Our client companies are public and private, U.S. and international, pre-IPO to large-cap, and span an array of industries. We also post nonprofit board openings for members to apply directly.

Advance your boardroom goals

SWB offers multiple benefits to our corporate clients.

  • Expand your candidate pool with leaders who bring years of board and operating experience across a variety of industries
  • Accelerate your search process by having SWB identify members who best match your director search characteristics
  • Diversify your boardroom to build a high-performance board

"SWB’s real value is in providing additional people to consider beyond the pool of candidates that all the recruiting firms are familiar with. We found the perfect person for our board, and I’d say categorically that she would not have been on our radar screen if it weren’t for SWB."

- Director, Ooma Inc.