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Collaborator FAQs

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Are there fees associated with a collaboration? 
SWB is a non-profit sponsored by Stanford University. There is no cost to collaborating.

What are the expectations of a collaborator?
We collaborate with organizations who are committed to our mission. Collaborators participate in events, engage with members in thought leadership, and inform us of open board positions. Collaborators cover expenses for joint events.

How do collaborators access SWB members?
We offer speed-networking and industry breakouts to ensure you meet relevant members. We also provide rosters of qualified candidates for open board seats. 

Are there any other benefits of being a collaborator? 
Benefits include but are not limited to sharing thought leadership, speaking at events, and facilitating peer group roundtables to promote visibility for your organization.

What is the time commitment of being a collaborator? 
The time commitment varies by each collaborator's desired interest in participating in SWB events.

What support is provided by Stanford?
SWB is sponsored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford Law School. The university provides infrastructure, event space on campus as needed, and logistical support.

“It’s a critical moment for boards everywhere and diversity on boards, in particular. Stanford Women on Boards has a very important role to play in opening up the boardroom and opening up the discussion about diversity in the boardroom.”
— James Coulter, TPG Capital