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Stanford Women on Boards curates high-impact educational opportunities to take your board journey to the next level.


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Our educational mission

Stanford Women on Boards seeks to help all of our members learn what it takes to become a director and to be effective in contributing to a high performing board. We call this Leading Edge Stewardship.

Leading Edge Stewardship Video Series: Getting There and Doing it Well

The path to a boardroom position is multifaceted and extends beyond just securing a seat at the table. Recognizing this, we have developed a comprehensive 10-part video series designed to empower leaders throughout their board journey. Each 20-minute module, led by two of our experienced Mavens, is curated to enhance the skills and understanding needed at various stages of board involvement, from aspiring members to seasoned directors. These engaging sessions provide practical insights and actionable advice to boost effectiveness and leadership in the boardroom.

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Leading-Edge Stewardship

As leaders in over a thousand boardrooms, we have developed a unique perspective on what defines an exceptional board member and what it takes to operate an exceptional board. We call this Leading-Edge Stewardship

Leading-Edge Stewardship is an ethos and set of practices that enable board and board members to reach their full potential.

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Education Resource Guide

The Stanford Women on Boards education team has curated and organized a broad array of written material as an additional resource for our members and others interested in boards and their directors

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