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Being a Member

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SWB members represent a diverse array of board and executive experiences. Our member categories include:

Maven - Stanford-affiliated leader currently or previously an independent member of at least one public board; or two or more fiduciary private company boards with sales greater than $200mm; plus at least one not-for-profit board.

Next-Ups - Stanford-affiliated leader who:

  • serves or has served as an independent member of a fiduciary board for a company with sales greater than $50mm and which has 50 or more employees; or
  • is or has been a CEO of a company of that size; or
  • is CXO or equivalent of a company with sales greater than $200mm, and is directly responsible for at least 40 employees.

Pathmaker - Stanford-affiliated leader who serves or has served on one or more not-for-profit and/or small company boards.

Explorer - Stanford-affiliated leader with work experience who is willing to commit to becoming a steward of a significant organization. 

Ally - Stanford alumni, SWB clients, and members of our collaborating organizations willing to commit to helping capable Stanford alumnae prepare and become organizational stewards. 


I didn’t go to Stanford business or law school. Can I still join?
Stanford Women on Boards is here to help all Stanford-affiliated leaders realize their board aspirations.

What is the time commitment for being a member?
The time commitment varies by each member’s desired interest in participating in SWB networking and educational events, applying for open board positions, and mentoring other members.

How do I sign up for the SWB LinkedIn group and Equilar BoardEdge?
Access to the SWB LinkedIn Group and Equilar BoardEdge are two exclusive member benefits. Once your application for membership has been accepted, a separate invitation will be sent to you to join these groups.

Are there SWB events in my area?
Most in-person SWB networking and educational events take place in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. We are planning more virtual events to enable all members to participate.

 Stanford Women on Boards members I Photo credit: Stacy Geiken

Ready to join?

To apply to join SWB, complete these two required steps:

Complete the New Member Profile

Join SWB on Stanford Groups (Pilot)

Your application will be approved following your completion of these two steps. Then you will begin to receive the full complement of SWB benefits, including eligibility for board searches and invitations to education and networking events.