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2023 Annual Event

Board Leadership Amidst Geopolitical Uncertainty with Secretary Condoleezza Rice

May 18, 2023

Stanford Women on Board’s Annual Event featured Secretary Condoleezza Rice, the Director of the Hoover Institution, and SWB Chair, Bess Weatherman, as they discuss the current geopolitical environment and how boards can respond effectively. They discussed Secretary Rice’s path to the boardroom and her experience with both corporate and nonprofit boards. This event is sponsored by SWB’s Mosaic Experience Group, supporting women from underrepresented backgrounds in their board journeys. 

Leading the Reinvention of Global Companies: A Conversation with Jim Snabe, Chairman of Siemens AG

Sustainability. Technology. Social Responsibility. Leadership. Board Partnership. 

Today's global companies have a unique opportunity to transform entire value chains to be more relevant and sustainable. The board and executive partnership plays a key role in enabling that reinvention from a position of strength to achieve needed scale. 

Watch this fireside chat with Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG and Board of Trustees of The World Economic Forum, and Mayree Clark, MBA '81, Supervisory Board Member of Deutsche Bank AG and Stanford Women on Boards Executive Leadership Team, as they discuss achieving sustainability goals, corporate governance in Europe and beyond, and the characteristics of a healthy relationship between boards and executive teams.

Mary cranston and Mark Newman
2022 Annual Event

Modern Stewardship: Building the Board-CEO Relationship

Board leaders and CEOs are focused more than ever on innovating for the future and redefining how to get there. The Chemours Company, a leading provider of renewably-produced hydrogen, has made an ambitious goal to become an environmental leader and build a diverse and gender-balanced organization by 2030. View SWB's annual event with Mary Cranston, AB ’70, JD ‘75, board member of The Chemours Company, Visa, Inc., TPG Capital, and CSAA Insurance, and Mark Newman, President and CEO of The Chemours Company (NYSE: CC, $5B market cap), as they discussed how the board and CEO are working together to create transformative change and build enduring value.

Board Governance, AI, and the Role of Data Strategy

Many organizations are early in the journey of forming a holistic approach to valuing, leveraging, and safeguarding the data that sits within enterprises. Irrespective of industry, boards can benefit from viewing data as an asset, material to future earnings and in need of proper visibility and oversight. Board members may ask themselves how they can effectively engage with data and what it takes to become a data-first board. This multi-part series will bring together experts to discuss current topics around data and AI strategy and to examine a number of questions and frameworks that can help start their board-level conversations. 

Session 1: The Importance of Data Strategy and Governance, March 3, 2022.

Session 2: Board and C-Suite - Productive Interactions and Dialogue on AI and Data Strategy, May 19, 2022

Session 3: Real-World Insights from Industry Leaders, March 15, 2023

Additional sessions to be announced soon.

Climate Action for Boards

Board directors must be prepared to steward their organizations through a landscape that is changing rapidly. To equip our members with an understanding of the climate challenges facing their organization, SWB is hosting a six-part online series, Climate Action for Boards. Each session is presented as a one-hour fireside chat with climate-experienced board directors and business leaders from a range of industries through our collaboration with Plan C Advisors. Session recordings are available at the links below. 

Session 1: Level Setting — The Most Pressing Climate Issues for Boards (Oct 2021)

Session 2:  Cover Your Bases — Comprehensive Approach to Climate Risks for Business (Nov 2021)

Session 3: Shifting Climate Impacts from Mitigation to Value Creation (Dec 2021)

Session 4: Communication — Evolving Disclosure Landscape and Stakeholder Engagement (Jan 2022)

Session 5: Focus on Talent — Engaging the Entire Organization in Climate Strategies (Feb 2022)

Session 6: Corporate Governance (Mar 2022)

Women of Stanford Law 50th Anniversary Celebration

Lawyers as Corporate Directors

Three Stanford Law School alumnae and sought-after directors, who have brought decades of legal and business experience to corporate boardrooms, describe how seasoned lawyers contribute to better corporate governance and how lawyers encounter and address bias against attorneys on corporate boards. View the January 2022 session.

Mellody Hobson
2021 Annual Event

Charting the Path to Board Leadership

As more women enter the boardroom, the path to board leadership is increasingly in sight. Mellody Hobson, Board Chair of Starbucks Corporation, is paving the way and reaching new heights for all women.

Thank you to those who joined us for our annual event to learn from Mellody and gain actionable insights from the deep experience within our SWB community.